How the PHYSIQUE PROGRAMS deliver results.


Building Muscle & Shredding Fat

Focus on change in Body Composition

Ever-increasing Higher Volume training

Progressive training blocks 

Tracking of Physique Changes



Who are these programs for?

  • Anyone looking to focus on shredding fat, maintaining overall strength and building muscle mass.
  • Anyone looking for a varied program that’ll provide optimal body composition changes.
  • Anyone who’s been training for at least 6-12 months and has an already moderate-high level of strength & ability.
  • For those looking to ‘lean-out’ but maintain strength and build endurance, effectively sculpting your physique in the process.

What’s involved?

  • A full-body approach to obtaining your desired physique.
  • Programming developed to improve muscle mass & endurance.
  • Emphasis on an ever-increasing workload to shock your body into change.
  • Exercises geared towards producing muscular burn & positive adaptation.
  • Guidance through exercises, volume increases, and approach. 
  • These programs are focused on encouraging muscle growth, reducing body fat and optimally making body composition changes to an already strong body.