Structure overview

The Structure Programme is our flagship programme that we have available which is run as group workshops over a 12 week period to educate and improve your ability to perform a multitude of movements safely. Participants will gain access to a dedicated programme to reduce pain in the body, increase stability, improve mobility, and strengthen muscles for an improved life.

Participants will see a great improvement in all areas of their mobility and be set on the right course to continue with greater physical activities.

It is specifically designed for persons aged 50 + who may be experiencing niggly pains, discomfort when completing daily tasks, little-to-no mobility in their hips, shoulders, neck or ankles, are finding sitting and standing difficult, are finding themselves slowing down and deteriorating or people who simply wish to get active but are unsure of the best way to start. Structure has been created incorporating ACC guidelines for a falls prevention programme and we have ensured that we are evaluating and delivering a programme where participants will see real improvements.

Structure is provided within the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre and delivered by a qualified Personal Trainer who has a passion for helping people live a better life through proper mobility and strengthening of all our muscle groups.




Commencement dates

Anyone who feels they would benefit from this programme is welcome to register early and complete the programme during one of our commencement dates during the year. Check below for the commencement periods in the registration form.

When to register

We receive registrations for Structure year-round. These can be done in person or through our website. We will contact participants in the weeks prior to the commencement of the workshops.

Late registrations
We have an allowance for late registration up to two weeks from the commencement week of the programmes. Any later and this would not be beneficial to the instructor, the groups that have started, and most importantly yourself.

All group workshops have access to equipment within the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre to perform the necessary movements. A required equipment pack for at home training is available which contains 5 x Resistance loops, and 1 x Lacrosse ball.

Strategy to Continue Activity
Evaluations will take place in week’s 1 and 12 which will provide an assessment of your baseline ability and show improvements over the 12 week period.


Structure in the media

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    after Structure


    Graduate to a pain-free life

    This class is your next pathway after completing our Structure Programme. Here our Structure graduates can continue with what they have learnt and put into practice more workouts to keep the body ticking along injury and pain-free for years to come. REQUIRED: Completion of Structure 12 Week Programme.

    Enquire about Refit+ at the end of your 12 week’s of Structure to join this membership and group training sessions.