We’re putting in the work to provide excellent programmes and workshops to a number of demographics. Be sure to check back here throughout the year for delivery information.




Our Structure Programme & Workshops is delivered three times a year.  This was our first fully complete programme available to a specific demographic. We’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that this programme is of the highest calibre to ensure participants see real value and improvements in their life.

  • 12 Week Programme
  • 12 Workshops with a Personal Trainer
  • At home training plans
  • Equipment package (Lacrosse Ball and Resistance Loops)
  • Strategy to continue physical activity
  • Designed to meet the ACC criteria of a Falls Prevention Programme
  • Specific to persons 50 +



Fundamental4 is designed to provide you with the best possible start to resistance training where you will be educated in proper technique of the fundamental movements required to build a strong, fit, and well-functioning body. Whether your goal is to learn correct technique, lose weight, build muscle, get fit or just to get used to the gym environment in a friendly atmosphere where you will be taken care of, this is for you. New members and existing members are welcome to participate, this is truly a programme for all.

  • 4 Week Programme
  • 4 Workshops with a Personal Trainer
  • Small group of 4 – 6 people
  • Access to a dedicated online training guide
  • Perfect opportunity to start your resistance training correctly
  • Designed for anyone


More programmes, workshops, and seminars are on their way.

Please contact us if you’d like to participate in any of our Programmes and Workshops.