Our full-support membership that encompasses everything you’ll need to know and execute in the gym to see long-term progress.  This membership package is the future of gym memberships


You will have access to fitness professionals up to 4 hours a week who will provide guidance on exercise selection, coaching and education on proper technique, as well as programming to ensure that you will reach your goals the safest and most effective way possible.

All of the programming is included in this membership, taking you from a complete beginner all the way to an advanced trainee. You’ll waste no time worrying about what to do in the gym. It’s all prepared for you.

This is our solution to people joining gyms with little-to-no guidance who are destined to fail. We truly want you to succeed! And you will, with Primal.




2 X 1.5 HOUR GROUP TRAINING SESSIONS A WEEK (coached training)

1 x 1 HOUR ADAPTIVE SESSION A WEEK (teaching session) 









Ready to begin Primal training? All human movement is an expression of strength and so that is where our journey begins. Without being strong, you run an increased risk of injury and ineffective training. There’ll be no need to guess what to do in the gym as you’ll will receive your programming every week directly to your phone using our online programming + training platform.


Group Training

The trainings are conducted in a group environment with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Because everyone will be at a different stage in their programming, the group sessions are conducted like a shared personal training session. This gives the instructors the freedom to correct technique errors and maximize progress in all individuals while reducing the risk of injury from poor technique.


Results + Progress

Our programming and group training includes a variety of strength, muscle building, and conditioning components to help you get results and continue to progress long term. Effective & efficient training is what we deliver!

This membership type has been designed to be an all-encompassing approach to physical fitness. For best results, a mixture of our group training, solo training and the conditioning or mobility aspects of the membership should be completed throughout the week. Check out the group training timetable here.


Prerequisite: Prior to joining Primal, one must be run through a movement assessment by our trainer to ensure you can correctly perform the movements necessary.


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