Women’s Hybrid – Phase 1


16 weeks training / 5 days a week

/Hybrid Strength & Hypertrophy Program

This program emphasizes increasing ones maximal strength while simultaneously developing muscle mass.

This program is aimed at persons who have:
– Completed a novice strength program previously
– Can competently perform squat, bench, deadlift and overhead press under heavy loads relative to one’s bodyweight

The program is broken up into 4-week blocks where certain exercises will be added or rotated in and out to increase volume on certain muscle groups or to introduce a novel stimulus. The program involves five sessions a week and is set out as follows:

Day 1 – Lower body with an emphasis on strength
Day 2 – Upper body with an emphasis on strength
Day 3 – Full body hypertrophy with an emphasis on shoulder and upper back development
Day 4 – Lower body dedicated hypertrophy
Day 5 – Upper body dedicated hypertrophy