Let’s talk about tracking your training & health metrics.

First of all, tracking everything helps nothing. You can get too confused on the metrics and spend too much time obsessed with the minor details that don’t quite matter as much. But, you can still stay on top of things by focusing on a few key areas.

Tracking is simply awareness. It makes you aware of your habits and your decisions and what you can put effort into improving or changing. If you can manipulate what you are tracking (i.e. make progressive changes) then it can be useful. Tracking can have performance and health benefits if we are tracking the things that matter most.

We don’t want you to track EVERYTHING but in the Lift Your Health Game we’ve created we want you to be consciously aware of your habits and lifestyle decisions that can have a great effect on your training and life.

Things we as a gym and fitness professionals, can help you with to improve your results.

Consistency comes first, consistency comes before success. We want you to work towards being able to maintain a regular training schedule. Creating the habit of coming to the gym 2-3 times per week (or the closest thing to that based on what your life reasonably permits). This is easily enough time spent in the gym to achieve one’s goals if one is to be consistent. We run regular group training sessions each week, create online programs monthly, and are in the gym to coach you through these so all you have to do is turn up, create those habits and we help with the rest. Showing up is on you! Once that habit is confirmed your results will start.

Programming comes next. Once training has become a habit, next we need to address what exercises, sets, reps, rest and technique is optimal to achieve one’s goals. Our programming is heavily influenced by evidence-based methods that have worked for many decades and are continually refined. Programming is the tool that will optimise your results once consistency is in place.

Your recovery, health choices, & accountability fall next in line. What are the stressors in your life? The things that impact your health & lifestyle, the things that can be detrimental or positive, the things you have control over that may need tweaks for you to find success in your goals. What are the areas where you need improvement and by bringing these to light what will keep you progressing?

These are the building blocks for success in and out of the gym.

lift your health primal membership lions den gym stratfordYour health & recovery is a process, a process you can be accountable for without the need for knowing every specific metric of you ‘living’. Instead of giving you a ton of specific things to track or answer every week we’re providing you with just one thing… our Lift Your Health Game each week.

The purpose of the game is to…

  • Help you build healthy habits that improve performance, recovery,  enhance results, and make you more aware of what you can do to keep a healthy lifestyle!

The purpose of the game IS NOT…

  • To add stress to your life.
  • To become an obsession.
  • To compare yourself to others.
  • The be-all, end-all of health/recovery for you.

The premise of the game is simple.

  • Training can take its toll on the body & you must make positive choices to aid recovery and improve performance.
  • You’ll gain points for making smart health choices.


  1. To win, you must score 7pts, or greater each week
  2. Answer each question honestly.
  3. That’s it!

Remember this is not a be-all, end-all approach but it’s going to be really helpful. The game is very simple, it’s such a great tool we wish we had thought it up earlier. The categories in the game are the most important to anyone looking to make positive lifestyle changes and aid in their performance. We’ve broken these categories down to general questions so you do not have to focus on the tiny specifics that would drive you crazy.

A few of the categories included in the game are:

  • Sleep
    • Have you been getting 7+ hours of sleep and has it been ‘deep’ sleep or not?
  • Food
    • Are you hitting your target food intake for your goals?
    • Has the majority of your meals been of higher quality foods? i.e. is your diet healthy?
  • Hydration
    • A lot of people are de-hydrated daily. We’re putting the task to you to drink more water.
  • Stress
    • The biggest stressor on our health can be our minds.
  • Alcohol
    • Over time, excessive alcohol use can lead to the development of many chronic diseases and other serious health problems.
  • Effort
    • Are you putting enough effort into your physical training? Effort + habits = consistency.
  • And more…
lift your health primal membership lions den gym stratford

Enter your answers/points into the App each Friday… it’s pretty simple really.

This is a very promising feature that we hope really helps you with your accountability and consistency. By using this tool we’re hopeful that you can see even more progress with us.

The Lift Your Health Game will be exclusively available in our Primal Membership.

Want to join us?

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By Dane Carr & Hayden Mattock