A 4-week fix that’ll last a lifetime!


Fundamental4 has been created to help anyone interested in learning the fundamental resistance movements with correct lifting technique at the beginning of their fitness journey or to re-work their current lifts to push past plateaus.  It is specifically designed for persons of any training level, be it beginner or advanced. Learn the fundamentals or simply come revise your training to optimise your own programming.

The movements that are taught here will provide you with the best foundation for any resistance training or physical activity that you are to undertake.




1 x Training Program

4 x 1-hour Workshops over 4 weeks

Unlimited access to a dedicated online training guide






Build Awareness

Increase your awareness of postural and power muscles by becoming aware of how to move correctly, learning what areas of your body should be performing well and how to correctly fix your movement


decrease risk of injury

Moving correctly decreases the wear & tear on your body and through resistance training, we can increase the resilience of your muscles, bones and joints making you much less prone to injury in & out of the gym



Learn the movements that’ll produce the best outcomes towards your goals. There’s logic behind everything we teach in our gym, not only will you know HOW to train under resistance but you’ll know WHY these methods produce results



Investing your time & effort into technique and emphasizing progression in your strength will fast track you towards a more leaner, stronger, and capable you! Our goal for you is to achieve a healthy foundation of muscle which will allow for your goals to be met and exceeded.


“Get the best out of your training!”





We run Fundamental4 as group workshops over a 4 week period to educate and improve your ability to perform a multitude of movements correctly. The workshops are provided within the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre and delivered in small groups of 4 – 6 people by a qualified Personal Trainer who has a passion for helping people live a better life through proper mobility and strengthening of all our muscle groups. Compound movements covered in workshops include deadlifts, squats, bench press, and overhead press.


When to sign up?

Sign up now! We deliver Fundamental4 every month of the year but spaces fill fast. Sign up in-person or online below. We will contact participants in the weeks prior to the commencement of the workshops start dates to confirm participation.



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December 2019

Tuesdays & Thursdays 5pm-6pm.

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