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MAX OUT Nights are back!

We’re hosting 2 x 1RM Max Testing Nights on the 11th and 13th of December.

We want some PR’s broken!

We want more of you to participate!


This is OPEN to all members that have a current membership and have at least 50 visits under their belt (we will be checking). It’ll be a safe and fun event with our Team on hand to help with set-up, safe execution of lifts, and be available to provide progress advice also.

The event will be coinciding with many of our Primal Members’ 1RM testing for their current and future programming. They work damn hard in the gym and we hope to deliver an awesome atmosphere on the nights to help people push through their limits. PR’s will be broken!


The idea is to have the 2 Hours Blocks on Tuesday and Thursday open to all with guidance from Dane to complete 1RM’s on Deadlifts, Overhead Press, Bench Press, & Squats.



Tuesday 11 December – Squat / Bench Press


Thursday 13 December – Deadlift / Overhead Press



We’ll issue out to anyone interested, tips and how-tos on preparing for the week’s leading up to the 1RM testing.

We’re being using these nights as a platform for our Member Leaderboard too. More details on this to come…


Photos and videos of your lifts for form check etc will be happening too.


And we’ll have fun but be safe!

We’d love to see you guys there smashing PRs!


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