Our group training membership, Primal provides a great way to learn, improve your fitness, gain access to support, make friends,  and kick some butt while you do it! This membership type has been designed to be an all-encompassing approach to physical fitness. For best results, a mixture of group training, individual training and conditioning or mobility sessions should be completed throughout the week. Check out the group training timetable here.



The Primal package is the future of gym memberships, You will have access to a fitness professional up to 4 hours a week who will provide guidance on exercise selection, proper technique, as well as programming to ensure that you will reach your goals the safest and most effective way possible. All of the programming is included in this membership, taking you from a complete beginner all the way to an advanced trainee. You will also have access to the supplementary conditioning & mobility sessions. This is our solution to people joining gyms with little-to-no guidance who are destined to fail. We truly want you to succeed!

Prerequisite: Prior to joining Primal, one must either take part in our Fundamental4 (F4) workshops or be run through a movement assessment by our trainer to ensure you can correctly perform the movements necessary.


Supervised Group Trainings

Programming & Support

The training is conducted in a group environment with a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Because everyone will be at a different stage in their programming, the group sessions are conducted like a shared personal training session. This gives the instructor the freedom to correct technique errors and maximize progress in all individuals. After completing F4 you will begin Primal training. All human movement is an expression of strength and so that is where our journey begins. Without being strong, you run an increased risk of injury and ineffective training

Conditioning & Mobility Sessions

Supplementary Training

These sessions are designed to supplement your training and are delivered in half-hour blocks to improve work capacity and performance by reducing the risk of injury.  Conditioning will enable you to work harder and longer on your programme and is also a quick way to burn a few extra calories. You can expect to be doing multiple movements in a circuit and reaching elevated heart rate levels. For mobility which is strength through range-of-motion, in the instructional sessions you will learn how to correctly perform static stretches, how to perform self-myofascial release and movement drills. The objective of this session is to improve performance by reducing the risk of injury resulting in a longer training life in and out of the gym.