Our group classes are a great way to learn, keep up with your fitness, make friends, and kick some butt while you do it! Every class has been designed with the participant in mind. For best results, a mixture of classes should be attended throughout the week. Check out the timetable here.


Bottom / HIIT

Dedicated Glute Conditioning


A one hour class which includes the development of the glutes and hamstrings to give you a strong chiselled bottom and legs. You’ll be lifting, squeezing, and burning your way through this glute and leg workout, which will be followed by a full-body conditioning workout to burn those calories, increase your cardiovascular ability and tone your body. You’ll be able to then head into the next class with improved strength, fitness and mobility. Exercise options from beginner through to advanced.



Power through your strength levels


A one hour class involving full body movements with kettlebells and barbells. This class will smash your muscles and your lungs requiring all your will power. Your holistic strength, stability,  power, and fitness levels will greatly improve making you stronger, explosively powerful and fit to function whether it be on the court, field, or everyday life.



Stretch your way back to mobility


A one hour class designed to improve flexibility, mobility, and reduce pain. Common postural problems that lead to pain will be addressed. You will leave each class with a body that functions more effectively so you can perform better at home, work, in the gym, or on the field.



Back to the basics!


Learn & master all the basic barbell & kettlebell movements to improve strength, build muscle, tone your body, improve athletic performance and reduce the risk of any injury. Here you will master the squat, deadlift and upper-body barbell variations. Prepare to learn a lot while also having a great workout at the same time.



A Pilates-inspired workout


This Pilates-inspired class designed to improve flexibility, build strength and develop control and endurance in the entire body. This training system has an emphasis on alignment, breathing, developing a strong core, and improving coordination and balance. When the Powerhouse (which is comprised of the glutes, abdominal wall and lower back) is truly strong, performance will increase and the risk of injury during sports and performance will decrease.



Graduate to a pain-free life


This class is your next pathway after completing our Structure Programme. Here our Structure graduates can continue with what they have learnt and put into practice more workouts to keep the body ticking along injury and pain-free for years to come. REQUIRED: Completion of Structure 12 Week Programme.