Within our Personal Training options here at the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre we offer a fitness assessment and programme creation service. Our trainer will meet with you to complete a full fitness assessment of what you can and cannot currently perform in the gym. They’ll ensure you meet and exceed your goals by pointing you in the right direction and show you how to properly perform movements to ensure injury is prevented and maximum benefit seen in your training.  Contact us if you’d like to meet with a Personal Trainer and complete a free 15 minute consult to address your training goals or to prevent injury from taking place.



Fitness Assessment Package

This bundle incorporates both the Fitness Assessment and Programme development undertaken by a Personal Trainer.

Fitness Assessments

Consultation with a Personal Trainer to assess your physical fitness, evaluate injuries both current or past, determine where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and what areas need improvement.

Programme Development

Consultation with a Personal Trainer to assess your needs and to develop a fitness programme designed specifically for you. Required: that a Fitness Assessment be completed previously.