Fundamental4 has been created to help anyone interested in learning the fundamental movements with correct lifting technique at the beginning of their fitness journey.  It is specifically designed for persons of any training level, be it beginner or advanced. Learn the fundamentals or simply come revise your training to optimise your own programming.

The movements that are taught here will provide you with the best foundation for any resistance training or physical activity that you are to undertake.


Increased awareness of postural and power muscles

Decreased risk of injury in your training

Learn the fastest way to build your strength correctly

Learn the movements that produce the best outcomes, saving valuable time and money down the track


“Get the best out of your training!”


1 x dedicated training programme

4 x 1-hour workshops over 4 weeks

Unlimited access to a dedicated online training guide



We run Fundamental4 as group workshops over a 4 week period to educate and improve your ability to perform a multitude of movements correctly. The workshops are provided within the Lions Den Gym & Fitness Centre and delivered in small groups of 4 – 6 people by a qualified Personal Trainer who has a passion for helping people live a better life through proper mobility and strengthening of all our muscle groups.

Commencement dates

Anyone who feels they would benefit from this programme is welcome to register early and complete the programme during one of our commencement dates during the year. Check below for the commencement periods in the register of interest form.

When to register

We receive registrations for Fundamental4 year-round. These can be done in person or through our website. We will contact participants in the weeks prior to the commencement of the workshops.

Register your interest


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